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ANATEL published the updated Act 5159 and the new Act 13423 for mobile chargers

ANATEL published the updated Act 5159 and the new Act 13423 for mobile chargers. The National Telecommunications Agency (ANATEL) published Act No. 5159 in April 2022. 

This act is with regard to the update of technical requirements and test procedures for assessing the conformity of Chargers Used in Cellular Mobile Phone. 

In Mid October, Brazil ANATEL issued an inform letter 108/2022, Proposal to extend the deadline for entry into force and review of Act No. 5159 of April 8, 2022. New Act 13423 defines that the old Act 3481 will be revoked only on Oct 21, 2023 (with additional 360 days delay) and the use of the new Act 5159 is optional until then. 

According to the announcement of the extension, manufacturers have an option to certify the device as per standards approved by Act 3481/2019 (Old Act) or Act 5159/2022 (New Act) from Oct 26th to Oct 21st, 2023. After October 21, 2023, Act 3481/2019 will be revoked and compliance with Act 5159/2022 will be mandatory.


The following are included under the Act’s scope:

  • A/C portable chargers
  • D/C portable chargers
  • AC/DC inductive chargers
  • USB interface for electrical power to electronic device

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