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Anatel announced new act 13011 for mobile phone chargers  

On September 1, 2023, the Agência Nacional de Telecomunicaçes (ANATEL) in Brazil released Act 13011.  This new law postponed Act 5159’s implementation date, giving charger manufacturers more time to comply with its criteria.  Manufacturers were most concerned about the new mechanical testing done to the power connector that connects to the electrical AC mains socket.  […]

ANATEL ACT No 7971 – Technical criteria for IPv6

ANATEL has released Act 7971, which contains technical standards for assessing IPv6 protocol compliance in telecommunication products.  This new Act will take effect on January 8, 2024. The Act specifies the technical standards for terminal equipment having an interface designed for mobile and stationary services.  The following are the major modifications to the standard:  RFC […]

Indian and Global Monthly Newsletter: April 2023 Addition.

Stay up-to-date on the latest compliance and certification news with C-PRAV’s monthly newsletter!  Our April 2023 edition is out now! We welcome your feedback as we strive to continually improve our services. With a team of subject matter experts and vast experience in product testing and approvals, C-PRAV is a trusted knowledge and certification partner […]

Act 2436/2022 – ANATEL Cyber Security requirements for CPE

Brazil, like many other countries, has experienced a significant increase in cyberattacks over the past few years, leading to an increased demand for cybersecurity regulations. In response, the Brazilian telecom authority ANATEL (Agência Nacional de Telecomunicações) implemented Resolution No. 740 and Act No.77 in 2021, which require manufacturers of equipment with internet connection to submit […]

Updating the new electrical safety standard

The new Act 17087 released by ANATEL will be replaced by the previous Act 950, updating  electrical safety standards for telecom devices.  New Act will come into effect from 27th of Dec 2023.  The most significant modifications relate to new marking requirements, minor adjustments in the acoustic shock testing level. Definitions/ reference standards are updated.  […]

ANATEL published the updated Act 5159 and the new Act 13423 for mobile chargers

ANATEL published the updated Act 5159 and the new Act 13423 for mobile chargers. The National Telecommunications Agency (ANATEL) published Act No. 5159 in April 2022.  This act is with regard to the update of technical requirements and test procedures for assessing the conformity of Chargers Used in Cellular Mobile Phone.  In Mid October, Brazil […]


The Official letter published on 21st Aug 2022. This new letter defines the guidelines for module approval in order to harmonize the understanding between OCDs and Laboratories in Brazil. There are no big changes in the procedure that E3Tech already implemented in the past years for our projects and this official letter basically formalizes the […]