Telecommunication Engineering Centre(TEC)

Introduction to TEC

Telecommunication Engineering Centre (TEC), New Delhi, under Department of Telecommunications (DoT), is the Telegraph Authority and Telecommunications regulator in India. TEC regulates the telecommunication and network products under Mandatory Testing and Certification of Telecommunication Equipment (MTCTE) scheme. NABL (ILAC member) accredited labs in India and designated by TEC (CABS) are authorized to carry out the testing of equipment. Based upon their test reports, TEC issues the certificate for the product.

(Mandatory testing and Certification of Telecommunication Equipment)

Department of Telecommunications, Ministry of Communications has notified “Indian Telegraph (Amendment) Rules” in Gazette of India vide G.S.R. 1131(E) PART XI” on 5th September 2017 which prescribes for Mandatory Testing and Certification of Telecommunication Equipment (MTCTE). Under this scheme, TEC releases standards that are called Essential Requirements (ERs) for the respective product lines. In MTCTE, TEC has notified 55 product lines in four phases so far as of September 2021. There are a few products for which are yet to be notified, but TEC has released the ERs for the manufacturers to be prepared.

Products Subjected to MTCTE

Phase wise product categories covered in MTCTE. Click on the links below to download the files:

Phase I List of Products

Phase II List of Products

Phase III & IV: List of Products

However, there are a few products that have been withdrawn from the above lists. They are:

Vehicular Radio Broadcasting Receivers – That are shipped along with the vehicle only

Vehicular Tracking devices – That are shipped along with the vehicle only

Mobile user equipment/mobile handset;


Smart Watch;

Smart Camera and

Point of Sale devices

Who Can Apply?

The Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) owning the products intellectual property (in other words owning the design and R&D) of the telegraph equipment would need to apply for the TEC certification under MTCTE. The OEM/ODM can be from any part of the world but the applicant who files the application with TEC would have to an Indian registered organization, which can be an Indian subsidiary of the OEM/ODM or any other third party which has a registered office in India.

Certification Process

1. Account creation of application in MTCTE portal

2. Testing of product as per relevant ER (essential requirement) in TEC designated laboratory

3. Submission of test report and requisite documents in MTCTE portal

4. Scrutinization of application by TEC officials

5. Issuing of TEC certificate by the department

How Can C-PRAV Help You?

C-PRAV has vast experience both on the technical qualification and experience in handling TEC projects. Our professional team will assist you with end to end coverage of services – samples handling to certificate issue, that includes:

Entire documentation related to the Registration process.

Support as an Authorized Indian (Local) Representative for the Foreign Manufacturing Unit.

Support and co-ordinate for the Registration of the Manufacturer with TEC.

Testing of the Product from the TEC designated Lab as per the required Standard.

Liaise with Lab for all technical issues and ensuring completion of tests on time and accurately 

(C-PRAV has sound technical knowledge of standards and testing)

Liaison with TEC for the submission of application and other documents.

Sending pre-registration request and co-ordinate for the necessary documentation.

Preparation of Agreement/Documents signing, Affidavit

Online submission of application and all documents

Co-ordinate and liaise with TEC for any clarifications addressing queries raised by TEC

Support any additional miscellaneous/incidental works including technical support throughout the approval process

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