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An overview of Malaysia Product Certification

Ensure Malaysian market access with SIRIM Certification


What is SIRIM Certification Mark for Malaysian Market?

SIRIM Certification is all about ensuring products meet standards in Malaysia. It’s handled by SIRIM QAS International Sdn. Bhd., which is a main certification, inspection, and testing body in Malaysia. They’ve been at it since March 1997, building on over thirty years of experience from their parent company, SIRIM Berhad.

If a manufacturer or business wants their product certified, they can turn to SIRIM QAS International. They accept products made according to Malaysian Standards, International Standards, or even foreign national standards.


Products Requiring SIRIM Certification

The SIRIM certification is mandatory for a wide range of electronic and electrical products intended for the Malaysian market,

  • Wireless Devices: Like, mobile phones, tablets, and other wireless communication devices
  • Bluetooth-enabled products and accessories
  • Radio Equipment: Two-way radios and communication systems
  • Broadcast equipment and transmitters
  • Marine Communication Devices
  • Electronic Appliances: Household electronic appliances, Kitchen appliances, entertainment systems, etc
  • Medical Electronic Devices
  • Industrial Electronical use
  • Machinery and automation equipment
  • Automotive Electronics: In-car entertainment systems and navigation devices
  • Consumer Electronics: Smart home devices, IoT products, and gadgets


The certification aims to ensure these products meet the necessary safety, electromagnetic compatibility, and regulatory standards within Malaysia.

Radio Products Certification:

Radio products must comply with the regulations set by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC). This includes adherence to technical specifications related to radio frequency usage and electromagnetic compatibility.


Radio products often require type approval from MCMC in addition to SIRIM certification. Type approval ensures the device will not cause harmful interference and operates within the designated frequency bands.

Documentation and Labeling:

Certified radio products must carry the SIRIM label, and often an additional label indicating MCMC type approval. Also,  detailed technical documentation and test reports must be submitted and maintained for regulatory compliance.

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Non-Radio Products Certification:

Non-radio products must comply with national and international safety, quality, and performance standards, but they are not subject to MCMC regulations.

From Electrical safety standpoint, they should ensure compliance with electrical safety standards to prevent hazards such as electric shock and fire.

Documentation and Labeling:

The SIRIM mark indicates that the product has been tested and certified by SIRIM QAS International, ensuring compliance with Malaysian standards for safety, quality, and performance. The mark is usually accompanied by a certification number,

Non-radio products must carry the SIRIM certification mark. Also, proper labeling with usage instructions and safety warnings is mandatory

Process for Obtaining SIRIM certification

The process for SIRIM certification depends on what kind of product you’re dealing with because standards vary across categories. The process normally involves testing the product, factory inspection, reviewing the quality control plan, and looking at how records are kept.

It’s basically a way to make sure everything is up to snuff for your specific product.

SIRIM MS Mark is used on products complying to a Malaysian Standard, foreign national standard, or international standard 

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 SIRIM Certificate is usually valid from 1 to 5 years.

Yes, local representation is required.

Yes, for radio products it is required


SIRIM Mark should be placed on the product itself. However, if due to size it is not permissible it should be placed on the packaging.

Yes, significant modifications might require re-evaluation and re-certification

Foreign manufacturers must work through a local representative to apply for SIRIM Certificate

To apply for SIRIM Certificate, you need to submit the application to SIRIM QAS International, this includes providing product details, test reports and other documents.

It depends on the product type and the complexity of testing. 

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