Introduction to ISI certification scheme

Standardization in BIS supports economic growth, enhances competitiveness, and fosters technological developments. BIS carries out various certification schemes, out of all those schemes, the ISI mark registration is one of the oldest and most trusted schemes. ISI scheme(scheme I of Schedule II) enables to do manufacturer, Importer/and do sales of product that fall under ISI-scheme. Industrial and domestic product categories are the dominant categories under this scheme. The scheme is mandatory as well as voluntary in nature for product categories.

Who Can Apply?

The scheme specially designed for overseas or foreign manufacturers for their products. However, applicant in ISI scheme is the firm/manufacturer/factory who are manufacturing the products need to apply for ISI license. The said certification is also applicable to domestic manufacture.

Procedure in detail

Product certification scheme

The scheme aims to grant ISI license to domestic/local manufacturers situated in India in order to bear BIS standard mark on their products.

Normal procedure


    1. Documentation preparation followed by submission of application in online portal.
    2. Factory audit/inspection by BIS officials
    3. Separate testing of product in BIS recognized labs as per relevant Indian standards.
    4. Grant of license to domestic manufacturers/applicant by BIS.

Simplified procedure

The procedure is similar to “Normal procedure” except the fact that manufacturer has to upload the test report of the product from a third-party lab along with other requisite document while filing the application in portal and BIS allots a temporary ISI license number to the manufacturer after successful audit/inspection of the factory.

Timeline for certification: 30-50 days once application is submitted

Foreign manufacturer certification scheme (FMCS):

BIS has been operating FMCS (Foreign Manufacturer Certification Scheme) for foreign manufacturers since 2000. The aim of this scheme is to provide third-party guarantee, quality, safety and reliability of products to the end customer. Post successful completion of registration, manufacturers will be able to paste the ISI standard Mark on their registered products at the time of import.

Following is the link of product categories covered under mandatory ISI scheme:


Timeline for certification: 5-6 months after hardcopy submission of documents in BIS

FMCS Procedure

Document preparation for application to be submitted in BIS head office


Planning and coordination of factory audit/inspection by BIS official


Separate testing of product in BIS lab as per relevant Indian standard


Scrutiny of submitted reports and documents followed by issuance of license number (CM/L No. XXXXXXXXX)


How can C-PRAV Help?

Our team is well versed with the procedure, products and standards for ISI scheme to go through this scheme hassle free. Our direct engagement with people from the field also help us to achieve our client’s requirement and enquiry. Our technical team are well updated with the standards till date covered in BIS and the subsequent product being impacted. We also have our partner across the globe by whom we have a good hand on global standards and compliance requirement as well.

For ISI scheme, our team would be an apt support system who could help manufacturers in following areas.

Document preparation

Application filing

Portal creation

Payment processing

Coordination with BIS official for audit

Expedite on certification timeline

Physical meeting with BIS official if required

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