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TEC News November 2022

Transition of a few products from GCS to SCS

TEC has announced moving 7 product lines into SCS (Simplified Certification Scheme) category under the regime of MTCTE. Earlier these products were under the GCS (General Certification Scheme) category. The change comes into effect from Jan 1st, 2023. Any applications filed before Jan 1st, 2023, will be treated under GCS.

Telecommunication Engineering Centre (TEC) Transition of a few products from GCS to SCS Page 4 Products coming under the provision of SCS and GCS scheme has no major change in terms of testing procedure. However, the major difference between SCS and GCS is that we submit a SDoC in case of SCS. From Fee point of view only the administrative fee needs to be paid to TEC as against the full fee (administrative fee & Testing report fee) to be paid for products under GCS. Under SCS, the product will be tested, and the testing details will be shared with TEC as part of SDoC. The need to submit the test reports to TEC for evaluation under SCS scheme is not required.

The products that moved from GCS scheme to SCS scheme are:

  1. Cordless Phone
  2. PABX
  3. PON Equipment
  4. Transmission Terminal Equipment
  5. Equipment operating in 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz band
  6. LAN Switches
  7. Router


Please click here to see official notification

Extension of certain technical parameters in ERs notified under MTCTE

The parameters listed below had been earlier exempted by TEC from Dec 2022 to Jan 2023. Now, TEC has notified that the general exemption for these parameters has been extended till June 30th, 2023, or till further orders. 

Please access the official notification here 

Extension in Energy Consumption Rating (ECR) parameters in ER(s)

TEC has further given the exemption to ECR parameters in all the notified Essential Requirements (ER) in MTCTE till 30th June 2023. Earlier the exemption were given till Jan 1st 2023. Please click here to see the late exemption letter.

Extension given to technical parameter of the product, Repeater for Cellular Network

TEC has relaxed below listed parameter from the ER of product “Repeater for Cellular Network” notified in MTCTE. The exemption has been given until 30th June 2023 or till further orders. While submitting the application in MTCTE portal for the said product, the official exemption letter issued shall be submitted against the below mentioned test parameter. Here is the link to access official notification.

Minutes of Meeting Of MATCOF by IT Division

IT Division of TEC had organized a virtual meeting dated 14th Sep with multiple stakeholders. The main agenda of the meeting was to discuss on the queries received on the notified ER(s) published and to streamline the solutions received by Industry members. Please click here to see the MoM of the meeting released by TEC.

Indian Telecommunication Bill, 2022

Ministry of Communications had initiated a public consultative process to develop a modern and future-ready legal framework in telecommunication. Based on the consultations and deliberations, the Ministry has now prepared the draft Indian Telecommunication Bill, 2022.
Please access the Draft from here 

Clarification regarding End of Life/End of Sales for Whole Unit replacement

A clarification has been brought to everyone’s attention regarding the exemption of model of the products notified in MTCTE Phase III & IV. It has been notified that said models are exempted
from the MTCTE which are reaching end of life/ end of sales for whole unit replacement prior to
July 1st, 2023. Authorized signatory of the respective OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) shall send an email to TEC with details of models in the annexure format enclosed in official notification. Please click here to check the same.

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