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TEC extends exemption of certain parameters for RBR devices under MTCTE

TEC has extended the existing exemption of the below parameters from December 1, 2022, to June 30, 2023. To avail the exemption of these parameters under the RBR category, the applicant has to upload this notification against these parameters. 

The list of parameters exempted are shown below


ER/Product Name

Parameter/Interface Name

Standard Name


Radio Broadcasting Receiver (RBR)

Frequency of operation for RBR

Annexure – R–A1–Freq (In Annexure to ER of RBR)

Radio Conformance for RBR

Annexure – R–A1–Radio Conformance (In Annexure to ER of RBR)


Annexure – R–A1–Navigation (In Annexure to ER of RBR)


Annexure – R–A1–Navigation (In Annexure to ER of RBR)

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