TEC extends MTCTE scheme

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TEC has extended the dates of mandatory certification for 32 products categories from 01-10-2023 to 01-01-2024. Earlier in June TEC extended the dates for these same product categories to 01-10-2023. The list of such products can be found in the official notification.


In a recent development, the Telecommunication Engineering Centre (TEC) has taken a significant step by extending the mandatory certification dates for 32 product categories. Initially set for enforcement on October 1, 2023, the new deadline has been pushed further to January 1, 2024. This decision comes as a follow-up to a previous extension granted in June, where the certification dates were prolonged to the initial October 2023 deadline. The updated list of the affected product categories is available in the official notification released by TEC.

TEC’s Mandate:

TEC, under the Department of Telecommunications, Government of India, plays a pivotal role in formulating standards and specifications for telecommunication equipment. One of its crucial functions is to ensure the quality and reliability of telecommunication products through mandatory certification. The extension of certification dates implies a thorough consideration of various factors influencing the industry and the need to provide ample time for manufacturers to comply with the set standards.

Reasons for Extension:

Several factors might have contributed to TEC’s decision to extend the certification dates once again. It is possible that manufacturers faced challenges in meeting the initial deadline due to logistical issues, supply chain disruptions, or other unforeseen circumstances. The extension reflects a commitment to maintaining fairness and allowing businesses adequate time to align with the prescribed quality benchmarks.

Industry Impact:

The extension of certification dates has a direct impact on the affected industries. Manufacturers operating in the specified product categories now have an extended timeline to ensure that their products comply with TEC standards. This could alleviate pressure on businesses that were initially struggling to meet the October 2023 deadline. It also serves as an opportunity for companies to reassess and enhance their manufacturing processes to meet the certification requirements effectively.

TEC’s decision to extend the mandatory certification dates for 32 product categories reflects a balanced approach to industry compliance. By providing an extended timeline, TEC aims to support manufacturers in meeting the required standards and ensuring the quality of telecommunication products. Industry players should stay updated with the official communication from TEC and use the additional time wisely to enhance their products and processes in alignment with the regulatory framework.

Link : http://www.c-prav.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/05/downloadDocument_20230927152926.pdf

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