Flexible use of Broadband Equipment operating in the band 3450-3900MHz

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RSS-192, issue 4, Flexible Use Broadband Equipment Operating in the Band 3450-3650 MHz, dated May 2020, has been replaced by RSS-192, issue 5, Flexible Use Broadband Equipment Operating in the Band 3450-3900 MHz. 
The major changes are as follows: 
To enable flexible application, the upper frequency range was expanded from 3650 to 3900 MHz, and the standard’s title was modified as a result. 
The transmitted output power was modified or the fixed subscriber equipment other than indoor base station and subscriber equipment. 
For equipment operating beyond 3900MHz, additional requirements for out-of-frequency band were added. 
The necessity to classify base station equipment as type 1 or type 2 has been abolished, hence the test report requirements have also been eliminated. 
Updated to match the structure of the latest RSS. 
Editorial edits and clarifications have been made when necessary. 
In the frequency range 3450-3900 MHz, this RSS is applicable to base station, point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, and subscriber equipment. 
This release will be effective as of the day it appears on the website of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED). 
However, there will be a six-month transition period after the publishing date. Applications for certification under either RSS-192, issue 5 or issue 4, will be accepted during this transitional time. 

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