Mandatory Certification Dates Announced for IP Routers and WiFi CPE 

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There was a meeting held at NCCS office, Bengaluru on 03/05/2024  

In this meeting they have announced the mandatory testing and certification date for the 2 products (IP router & WiFi CPE) in the below 2 categories- 

  1. For the products already certified for TEC MTCTE – OEM’s may continue to import such equipment till 30th Sep, 2024. Any import of a telecom equipment beyond this date (i.e., w.e.f. 1st Oct, 2024), shall require mandatory security certification under applicable ITSAR. 
  2. For the products still not certified for TEC MTCTE – it is mandatory that the products have to be certified for both, technical (MTCTE) and security parameters w.e.f. 1st Jul, 2024. 

Now if these mandated products (WiFI CPE & IP Router) are applied for NCCS Cybersecurity certification before the above 2 mandatory dates of their respective categories then it is considered as Voluntary Certification Scheme and the administration and evaluation fee will not be Levied. 

In the notification NCCS has also clarified few questions raised by the OEM’s.  

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