Parallel Testing: Pilot Project to Permanent Scheme 

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BIS has started the implementation of parallel testing concept of Mobile Phone since 19th Dec followed by adding the product categories Wireless Earphone and Tablet/Notebook/Laptop. Since then, after analysing the flow of applications submitted as Parallel testing guidelines, BIS has realised the need of converting Pilot project into a Permanent Scheme in BIS. Now, the scheme is active and operational without any validity period.  

Few major highlights of the notification are as below: 

1) Parallel testing guidelines have been extended for all the electronics and IT notified products under CRS scheme. Earlier it was applicable for three product categories. 

2) The guidelines are still voluntary in nature. Hence, manufacturers have the option to register their respective products either as per old process or as per parallel testing process.  

3) In parallel testing, components and main products will be sent for testing in lab parallelly. However, the registration in BIS will be done in a sequentially manner.  

4) After main product gets registered in BIS, CCL update must be done to update the R-number of components in the test report.  

Rest of the guidelines remain same as released in the notification dated 19th Dec.  

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