The Cyber Resilience Act legislation : To enhance cybersecurity measures and resilience within EU

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The growing frequency of cyberattacks against digital products, along with widespread vulnerabilities and lack timely security updates, places a significant financial strain on society.

In response, the European Commission has proposed the Cyber Resilience Act (CRA), a new law to specify the legislative framework of key cybersecurity standards that Manufacturers are now required to take security seriously throughout the product’s lifecycle.

In facilitating the adoption of the CRA laws, these criteria must be translated into harmonised standards that manufacturers can meet.

To streamline the integration of CRA regulations, it is essential to convert these mandates into harmonized standards that manufacturers can adhere to.

This study aims to aid in the standardization process by identifying relevant cybersecurity standards for each CRA stipulation.

It assesses the existing coverage provided by these standards in relation to the intended scope of each requirement and identifies any potential gaps that may need to be filled.

For more information, please click here:  enisa-europe

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