Acceptance of test report or certification for Optical Fibre ( Single Mode) and Optical Fibre Cable under MTCTE

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A generic exemption from submission of test reports for below mentioned test parameters pertaining to various ERs of Optical Fibre (Single Mode) and Optical Fibre Cable products notified under MTCTE has been extended up to 30.06.2024 or till further orders.

  • Mechanical Characteristics Proof test for minimum strain level
  • Material Properties- Fiber Materials- The substances of which fibers are made
  • Colour qualification for color fibres- MEK RUB Test (Methyl Ethyl Ketone)
  • Colour qualification for color fibres
  • Lightning Test
  • DC Resistance Test
  • Short Circuit Test
  • Lightning Arc Test
  • Flame Spread-Bunched cable
  • Smoke Test/Smoke Density Test
  • Acid gas (Toxicity) (Test on toxic gases evolved during combustion of materials from cables)
  • Flame retardant
  • Electrical Characteristics- Power Feeding Wires
  • Transfer impedance and Coupling attenuation

Requirements for fire performance of Optical/metallic hybrid cables should meet fire safety regulations

For more information, please visit: MTCTE-TEC

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