ANATEL Introduces New Act 5155 Setting Testing Requirements for Mobile Phone Chargers

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ANATEL, the Brazilian National Telecommunications Agency, has recently announced the implementation of Act 5155, which outlines specific testing requirements for mobile phone chargers. This regulation is set to replace the existing Act 5159 and will come into effect on October 14th, 2024.

The main update included in the regulations are:

  • Refined Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Levels for Vehicular Chargers: Act 5155 specifies that ESD requirements for Vehicular Chargers must comply with Item 8.3 of ISO 10605/2008. The updated regulation sets ESD levels at 6 kV for contact discharges and 8 kV for air discharges, streamlining the testing process and ensuring enhanced safety standards.
  • Streamlined Surge and Transient Immunity Testing: The new regulation simplifies surge and transient immunity testing for Vehicular Chargers by requiring testing only in pulses 2a, 3a, and 3b, as per ISO 7637-2/2004. This eliminates the need for testing pulses 2b, making the testing process more efficient.
  • Increased Sample Size for Safety Testing of Wall Adapters: Act 5155 mandates that 22 normal samples of the adapter be used for safety testing, ensuring comprehensive assessment procedures and robust compliance with safety standards.
  • Introduction of Dimensional Testing for Wall Adapters’ Plugs: Effective from January 1st, 2025, wall adapters must demonstrate compliance with dimensional specifications outlined in standard ABNT NBR NM 60884-1/2010 and Annex A of standard ABNT NBR 14136/2012. Manufacturers may opt to conduct dimensional testing for chargers homologated before Jan 1st, 2025, as part of Act 5155 compliance.
  • Implementation of New Mechanical, Electrical, and Thermal Stresses Testing for Wall Adaptors: Act 5155 introduces rigorous testing requirements for wall adapters, including 1,000 cycles of connection and disconnection to assess deterioration, withstand voltage testing (2000V) after connection/disconnection cycles, and mechanical stress tests such as Free Fall, Impact, Compression, Traction, and Abrasion tests to ensure safety and durability.


These updates signify ANATEL’s commitment to enhancing safety standards and ensuring the reliability of mobile phone chargers in the Brazilian market. Manufacturers and distributors are encouraged to adhere to the requirements outlined in Act 5155 to ensure compliance and promote consumer safety.

Official link: Anatel

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