The FCC is considering a cybersecurity labelling programme for IoT devices. 

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  • The Federal Communications Commission has scheduled a vote on a proposal to create a voluntary cybersecurity labelling programme for wireless internet of things (IoT) devices such as home security cameras, voice-activated shopping devices, internet-connected appliances, fitness trackers, garage door openers, and baby monitors. 
  • Under the programme, qualifying consumer smart products that meet cybersecurity standards would be labelled—including a new “U. S Cyber Trust Mark”—to assist consumers in making informed purchasing decisions, distinguish trustworthy products in the marketplace, and create incentives for manufacturers to meet higher cybersecurity standards. 
  • The label would include a QR code that buyers could scan for “easy-to-understand details about the security of the product, such as the guaranteed minimum support period for the product and whether software patches and security updates are automatic.

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