Understanding EPR for Rechargeable Batteries: Compliance with Battery Waste Rule 2022

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Question: Is EPR under Battery waste rule 2022 required for importing rechargeable battery inside a host product?

Answer: Yes 

Brief Explanation: The compliance landscape for importing rechargeable batteries, especially under the Battery Waste Rule 2022, is a critical aspect that demands attention. Let’s delve into the details.


1. Mandatory Requirement:

EPR under the Battery Waste Rule 2022 is a mandatory requirement, irrespective of whether batteries are imported separately or as part of a host product.

2. Responsibilities of the Producer:

Producers, in this context, are obligated to take Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) from the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) for batteries of any type and size.

3. EPR and Environmental Responsibility:

EPR signifies a producer’s responsibility for the entire life cycle of their product, including the post-consumer stage. This is especially crucial in the case of rechargeable batteries, which have implications for environmental sustainability.

4. Battery Waste Rule 2022:

The Battery Waste Rule 2022 outlines specific regulations and obligations for the management and disposal of batteries, emphasizing the importance of responsible practices by producers.

Producer’s Role in EPR: Producers importing rechargeable batteries must proactively engage with the EPR framework. This involves obtaining the necessary approvals and fulfilling responsibilities outlined by the CPCB to ensure proper waste management and environmental stewardship.

Conclusion: In conclusion, the affirmative answer—YES—emphasizes the significance of complying with EPR under the Battery Waste Rule 2022 for the import of rechargeable batteries. This compliance not only aligns with regulatory standards but also contributes to sustainable and responsible practices in waste management.

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