Understanding BIS Registration: Who is Responsible to Register Notified Products in CRS?

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Who is responsible to register the notified products in CRS- BIS?

Option A: Brand owner
Option B: Manufacturer
Option C: Local importer

Correct Answer: Option B


In the realm of product quality and safety standards, compliance is a crucial aspect. When it comes to the registration of notified products in the CRS (Compulsory Registration Scheme) under the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), understanding the responsible party is essential.

Manufacturer’s Responsibility:

The responsibility for BIS registration falls on the shoulders of the manufacturer or the factory where the actual product is being produced. This means that the entity directly involved in the production process is accountable for ensuring that their products comply with the prescribed standards before they are imported into India.

Pre-Import BIS Registration:

It’s important for manufacturers to initiate the BIS registration process before their products are imported into India. This proactive approach ensures that the products meet the specified quality and safety benchmarks, aligning with the regulatory requirements set by the BIS.

Why Manufacturers?

Manufacturers are in the best position to ensure the adherence to standards because they have direct control over the production process. They can implement necessary quality checks and make modifications to meet the BIS criteria, contributing to the overall safety and reliability of the products in the Indian market.


In summary, when it comes to BIS registration for notified products in the CRS, the responsibility lies with the manufacturers. Their commitment to compliance not only fulfills regulatory obligations but also reinforces the trust and confidence of consumers in the quality and safety of products entering the Indian market.

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