To be the FIRST to deploy your product to market.

To get your products certified efficiently.

To get good technical support.

To team with a knowledgeable partner.

To work with Certification Specialists who have the Calibre.

From start to finish -
we’ll be there alongside you

Conceptualising & Designing

EMC design
Understanding and Analyse practical EMC Design requirements
Hands-on Training for Engineers
Planning for market coverage

Development & Engineering

EMC pre-testing and guidance
EMC validation
Planning for Regulatory Compliance

Testing and Certification

Pre-Compliance Testing
EMC Verification
EMC and RF Compliance Testing End to End Compliance and Regulatory Approvals
Compliance Folder Management
Support during Regulatory Audits
Core Strengths
Industries & Regulatory Domains We Cover

Commercial and Consumer Electronics

Automotive and Railway


Military and Aerospace