Telecommunication Engineering Centre (TEC)

TEC has released the Essential requirements as mentioned below:

1. 5G

In the preparation of regulations for the newly launched 5G telecom services in India, TEC has released the Essential requirements to cover the 5G core systems/ network elements of the telecom services. The ER currently covers 12 variants. For more information, Please click here for the ER. The notification of the mandatory dates is expected to follow in the near future

2. Smart Electricity Meters
The updated Essential requirement for the Smart Electricity Meter is released by TEC this month. The electricity meters that have the capability of connecting to a cellular network only will be covered under this ER. The electricity meters are already mandatory under phase 3 and products need to be certified by July 1, 2023, to continue to be sold, imported, or stocked. Please click here for the ER.
3. All Interfaces
The interfaces that need to be tested and covered under the 66 Essential Requirements released to date have been captured under on ER of “All Interfaces”. TEC has taken this step toward the improvement and simplification of the MTCTE procedure. Here is the Link to the ER.