Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)

1) Implementation of IS 1293:2019 from 23rd Oct 2022

This is to bring to your kind attention that after October 23rd, 2022, the old standard of Plug and Socket IS 1293:2005 will be officially withdrawn and the new standard IS 1293: 2019 will come into force existence. Please find the below summary for your kind

i) Initially, BIS released the implementation date
of October 23rd, 2021, to the new standard IS
1293:2019 after which IS 1293:2005 was
supposed to be removed.

ii) From another later notification issued dated
22nd Oct 2021, BIS has given the extension to
implement IS 1293: 2019 by 23rd Oct 2022. This means that the old standard IS 1293:2005 is still valid and running parallelly, however, the Applicant/manufacturers shall
not import the Plug and socket as per IS 1293:2005 post 23rd October 2022.

iii) The impacted applicants/manufacturers
should comply with their host product with IS 1293: 2019 certified plug and sockets while importing after 23rd Oct 2022.

iv) In the new standard, the 10A plug has been removed from the scope. Hence, applicants/manufacturers are allowed to update the CCL with either a 6A or 16A plug model if the source (CML number) of the new plug model is different from the previous one. The portal is yet to be developed to proceed with the same.

For more details, please refer to the link.

2) Implementation of Revised Standard IS 16333: 2022
Central Mark Department III of BIS has released the guidelines to comply with the revised Indian standard of Indian language support for Mobile Phone Handsets, IS 16333(PART 3): 2022. As per the said notification, the previous standard IS 16333(PART 3): 2017 will be phased out after 17th December 2022. Please click on the official notification link to see the significant changes in the revised standard. Following are the guidelines to implement the revised standard in the Compulsory registration scheme:

1) For existing licensees:
i) Existing licensee/applicant holding certificate/license as per IS 16333: 2017 in BIS shall switch over to IS 1633: 2022 on or before 17th Dec 2022, failing to which BIS will cancel the registration.
ii) Applicant has to submit the test report issued by BIS recognized lab as per IS 16333(PART 3): 2022 taking any one of the model(s) from the particular existing certificate. The BIS portal is yet to be updated with the option of switchover.
iii) Along with the fresh test report, an undertaking shall be submitted to BIS on or before 17th Dec 22, failing which BIS will start deactivating the registration/certificate


2) For new licenses:
i) Licensee/applicant can submit the fresh application as per IS 16333: 2017 till 17th
Nov 22.
ii) The applications which are under process as per 16333: 2017 shall submit an undertaking to BIS and comply with the revised standard by 17th Dec 22, failing to which cancellation of applications will take place by BIS.