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A Pre-Compliance EMC Test Lab for DIY at your convenience

A Premier Australian Test lab for IPv6 & Cyber Security

Emissions: RE | CE | ESD | RS | EFT | Surges | CS | PFMF | VDI : Immunity

30 MHz – 18 GHz frequency range (extended range to 40 GHz available)

CISPR 16/ANSI c63 compliant 3m test site

CISPR 11/14/15/32/35 FCC 15B/18 ICES 01/03

IEC 61000-4-3 fully compliant 3m test site

IEC 61000-4-x series immunity tests

Australian RCM, European CE, USA FCC, Canadian ISED

IPv6 Regulatory and Functional Qualification Testing

Cyber Security Testing & Certification


C-PRAV Labs Pty. Ltd
Your Local Lab for Global Compliance

A 9x6x6m Semi Anechoic Chamber for 3m Emissions Testing

A 7x3x3m Semi Anechoic Chamber for Immunity Testing

Commercial IT/Telecom/Lighting/Appliances |Industrial Standards | Automotive |


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