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Myths of RCM Approval

This article will unveil some of the pertinent so-called myths of RCM approvals. A Myth-buster article and a must know for manufacturers, importers, suppliers of electronic & electrical products in Australia and New Zealand.    After having worked on Australian electronic product approvals since the start of such legislative regulations in 1997 introduced by ACA […]

Different Type of classes & levels in Australian RCM compliance
18th July 2023

Generally, standards and regulations have their own classifications and levels for electronic products. It can be confusing to some readers especially someone in the initial phase of their careers in Product testing and compliance. Nisha Lad, Compliance Project Manager at “C-PRAV Labs & Certifications” has tried to explain the differences and make it easy for […]

ACMA Releases New Supplier Declaration of Conformity (SDoC) Form Template

Australian SDoC Requirements Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has recently Introduced, a new Supplier Declaration of Conformity form. The SDoC form serves as a Declaration from the supplier of the the product that should meet the applicable technical standards and requirements set by ACMA under the RCM approvals rules. By this manufacturer/Supplier/Importer’s SDoC, ACMA […]

Indian and Global Monthly Newsletter: April 2023 Addition.

Stay up-to-date on the latest compliance and certification news with C-PRAV’s monthly newsletter!  Our April 2023 edition is out now! We welcome your feedback as we strive to continually improve our services. With a team of subject matter experts and vast experience in product testing and approvals, C-PRAV is a trusted knowledge and certification partner […]

ACMA releases an informational paper

Australia ACMA releases an informational paper titled Terahertz Spectrum Use-Cases and Regulatory Models. On March 2023, the information paper titled “Terahertz use-cases and regulatory models” was released by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA). The information paper was made public by ACMA as a result of the organization’s commitment to the five-year spectrum outlook […]

New rules regarding the supply of Declared Articles in New Zealand

Worksafe NZ, has published new rules that applies to Level 3 EESS products that are new to market from 1st Jan 2023. All appliances, including safety devices, must be marked with either 230 volts or 400 volts, the two low voltage supply voltages used in New Zealand or marked with a voltage range that includes […]

ACMA’s New Online EME Checker: Check mobile phone tower emissions near you

ACMA has released a EME Checker to find the average electromagnetic energy (EME) from mobile phone towers (base stations) in tested areas. You can also see how those measurements compare with the safety limits set by the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA). The EME Checker allows you to check how the EME measured compares […]

ACMA consults on proposed changes to radiocommunications equipment regulation

With the intention of simplifying and streamlining radiocommunications equipment supply regulation, ACMA has proposed to incorporate the content of 13 existing radiocommunications mandatory technical standards and the Radiocommunications (Compliance Labelling Devices) Notice 2014 (the RLN) into the Radiocommunications Equipment (General) Rules 2021. The proposal has mostly minor clarifications. It does not change the basic requirements […]

ACMA’s Low Interference Potential Devices consultation

Changes have been proposed for the LIPD Class License: 2015 to: support new technology applications bring Australia into line with international arrangements.   The updates cover new arrangements for: radiocommunications receivers communicating with satellites in the 915–928 MHz and 2400–2483.5 MHz bands frequency-hopping radiocommunications transmitters in the 5925–6425 MHz band radio local area network (RLAN) […]

Changes to the Telecommunications Labelling Notice

The Mobile Equipment Standard 2022 The Mobile Equipment Standard 2022 replaces the Telecommunications (Mobile Equipment Air Interface) Technical Standard 2018. It mandates compliance with 3 new industry standards to extend existing safeguards to 5G customer equipment: AS/CA S042.1:2022– Requirements for connection to an air interface of a Telecommunications Network – Part 1: General (AS/CA S042.1)   AS/CA S042.4:2022– Requirements […]