MATCOF of MT Division held on 24.06.2024 to discuss the ER for CPE. 

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The draft document of the 5G Customer Premises Equipment Essential Requirement (ER) was prepared for consultation with stakeholders and the same was circulated to all MATCOF members. The said draft document along with comments received from stakeholders, was further taken up for discussion in the MATCOF (virtual) held on 24.06.2024 

C-PRAV team was attended this meeting and actively participated in providing their inputs. 

The following changes were suggested by the participants in the draft ER for CPE: 

  1. Regarding Variant 2: 5G PoE Based Customer Premises Equipment – The participants were of the opinion that the PoE may be integrated with the CPE or may be provided as an accessory and that the CPE with integrated PoE/ external PoE adapter will be tested against the Clauses 1.1.3 -Immunity to AC Voltage Dips and Short Interruptions and Clause 1.1.4 Immunity to DC Voltage Dips and Short Interruptions as applicable. Hence, separate variant 2 is not required. The inputs were agreed to. 
  2. Clause No. 1.1.11: IPV6 Parameters – The standard RFC 2460 may be removed and the recent RFC 8200 should be kept. However, it was decided that the RFC 2460 may remain as mentioned in the Annexure to the ERs – on the MTCTE portal. 
  3. Clause No. 1.1.12: DHCP client v4/v6 – The standard RFC 7341 may be removed. However, it was decided that both the RFCs may remain. 
  4. Clause No. 1.1.13: IT Equipment Safety – The standards IS 13252-1 or IEC:60950-1 should be added in addition to IEC 62368-1:2018 as BIS accredited labs still test for IS 13252-1. The inputs were agreed to. 
  5. Interface 12: USB 2.0 – The clause may be removed and instead USB 3.0 may be incorporated in the standard. However, it was decided to drop USB interface as it is not currently available in the interfaces included in the MTCTE portal.  


The draft ER of CPE was modified accordingly and is placed at Annexure–I in track change mode. List of participants is enclosed as Annexure-II. It was decided that the updated draft in track change mode may be circulated to the MATCOF members for comment/inputs, if any and thereafter finalized. 

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