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The IFT published its broadcasting regulations registry

The Federal Institute of Telecommunications, IFT, has published its Registry of Regulations, a technological tool that compiles the current regulations related to the scope of attributions of this autonomous regulatory body, which aims to provide security and legal certainty to the population, strengthen transparency, facilitate regulatory compliance, and promote the use of information technologies, on its internet portal.

In this way, the IFT makes available to anyone who is interested the Register of Regulations, which contains the most recent available version of the current and applicable regulations in editable and readable format, as well as an information card only in the case of general legal provisions issued by the Institute to regulate the telecommunications and broadcasting sectors in Mexico.

Among the information provided, the following stand out:

  • The regulation’s name.
  • Date of issuance, publication, and, if applicable, validity.
  • Dates when it was last updated.
  • The regulation’s objective.
  • Other rules that are related to or generated from regulation.
  • Regulation-related procedures and services.

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