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Myths of RCM Approval

This article will unveil some of the pertinent so-called myths of RCM approvals. A Myth-buster article and a must know for manufacturers, importers, suppliers of electronic & electrical products in Australia and New Zealand. 


After having worked on Australian electronic product approvals since the start of such legislative regulations in 1997 introduced by ACA (now ACMA) via the C-Tick and A-Tick marks, there have been not many but some significant changes in the Compliance obligations of the electronics Industry.  


Even after more than 30 years of this legislation, we have found that there is still confusion and lack of full understanding of these regulations. 


Many importers and suppliers are still oblivious to their obligations of importing and/or supplying such products to the shelves and homes of consumers in the country. 


What are these myths? why are they still myths? Why are the importers and suppliers oblivious to such important requirements? What are the ways that these suppliers and importers, import to Legally sell in Australia & NZ? 


We will try and answer most of these questions here in this article, but we also like to hear from the readers, any challenges they are facing in relation to solutions provided in this article. We will reply back and try to resolve any issues or concerns you may have.  

Myths of RCM

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1. Is a European "CE" compliance certificate and label is all you need for a product you're importing or selling in Australia & NZ?

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2. If the product you are importing/selling is not listed under the prescribed list of the EESS (Electrical and Electronics Safety System) Scheme, your product does not need Safety test reports or compliance in Australia & NZ?

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