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Thailand: NBTC publish notification for WIFI 6E.

  • The following notification were announced by NBTC on 28th April 2023.
    • Criteria of authorization to use frequency between 5.925-6.425GHz
    • Technical standard NBTC TS 1039-2566 for Telecommunication Equipment using frequency of 5.925-6.425GHz.
  • The RF test report (FCC Part 15.407) will be required for WiFi 6, whereas ETSI EN will not be applicable.
  • Some of the limits are:
    • Maximum EIRP output power for Indoor – 250mW and 24dBm.
    • Maximum EIRP output power for Indoor and Outdoor – 25mW and 14 dBm.
    • The battery-power source will not be provided with output power over 25 mW but not greater than 250mW.
    • Channel bandwidth
    • EMR or SAR report – device used in for indoor and outdoor having max. power of 25mW will be excluded from EMF or SAR test report.
    • Electrical safety standards are –
  • IEC 60950-1
  • IEC 62368-1
  • TIS 62368-1


  • The device will require a new type of approval certificate and a new model number if the manufacturer wishes to use 6GHz WiFi on a device that previously had 4G and 5G certified under class A and class B.

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