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NFAP New Release

DoT has published new edition of NFAP 2022 based on the detailed discussion/consultaton  with all the stakeholders/inputs from Manufacturers considering the factor “ease of doing business for Industry” and mainly for allocation of radio-frequency spectrum to different radiocommunciation services.


NFAP 2022 provides updated provisions in line with ITU’s Radio Regulations 2020


This NFAP also  provides new frequency bands for IMT/5G and several license exempt bands for domestic and R&D actvities, provisions for satellite services, WiFi and Intelligent Transport systems which also includes Vehicle to anything (V2X) technology in ITS.


NFAP 2022 also lists the license-exempted frequency ranges  with the latest inclusion of the 867 to 868 MHz ( earlier it was 865 to 867 MHz, now it is 865 to 868 MHz), 9 KHz to 30 MHz  and 433 MHz to 434 MHz bands. These frequency  bands support short range communications for socioeconomic benefits using latest  technologies such as Machine to Machine communications, Internet of Things and Inductive applications.


NFAP 2022 provides nearly 17 GHz of new additional spectrum for implementing IMT/5G in all three segments fo radio spectrum i.e. below 1 GHz, between 1-6 GHz and above 6 GHz


The IMT 2020 or 5G services with its enhanced capabilities  has relevance cutting across industry verticals.To take advantage of 5G services for Digital India, the new frequncy bands  are added in NFAP 2022 where additional spectrum is added for IMT in frequency bands below below 1 GHz, 70 MHz additional spectrum is added in mid band below 4 GHz and 16750 MHz additional spectrum is added in frequency bands above 24 GHz. This would enable new additional spectrum for upcoming 5G services.


Also few changes has been made in the allowed frequency bands in both licensed and de-licensed category.


Kindly check the below link for further information, Annexure 1 for list of frequency  bands covered under de-licensed category as per the relevant WPC GSR’s

National Frequency Allocation Plan – 2022 | Department of Telecommunications | Ministry of Communication | Government of India (


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