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Guidelines for implementation of Parallel Testing: A big relief to Industry!

It is a much-awaited news for all the manufacturers, brand and concern stakeholders with respect to parallel/ sequential testing of notified components and end product under CRS (Compulsory registration scheme) of BIS. It’s been a while since Industry had proposed to BIS for parallel testing under the CRS Scheme. This would greatly save time and reduce the resource allocation. Finally, BIS has released a notification by giving a green flag to allow the parallel testing for product category MOBILE PHONES as a pilot project which will be starting from 1st Jan 23 to 30th Jun 23. Following is the key points of guidelines been
released. These guidelines are ‘Voluntary’ in nature and  applicant can still proceed to register the product as per the current sequential process that
i) Lab will not need to wait for R-number of 1st component to mention in the test report of 2nd product.

Lab will rather mention the lab name and test report number of 1st component in final report of 2nd component. Ex: 1st component- Cells, 2nd component-Battery.

ii) However, the registration of the components and end product will be done in a sequential manner.

iii)Manufacturer has to submit an Undertaking with lab and at the time of online filing in BIS. Please click on the link to see the complete notification. In case of testing of Mobile Phone, following would be the procedure:

  1. Lab will mention the lab name and test report
    number of cell in the final test report of battery.
  2. Similarly, lab name and test report number of cell, battery and adaptor will be mentioned in the final test report of mobile phone.
  3. Applicant can submit the applications of components and end product in sequential manner or parallelly in BIS.
  4. BIS will only allot the R-number of Mobile Phone once each and every notified component get certified in BIS.


As per the notification, clarity is yet to be received on the sequential testing of components. We believe test report date of cell must be before the testing of battery starts. The same can be tracked by online test request form.
C-PRAV will get back on the more updates as soon as we have it.
While it may seem confusing, feel free to contact CPRAV for further clarity. You can rely on C-PRAV for
the latest up to date regulatory information!!!

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