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Discussion on Phase V for MTCTE

TEC has conducted a consultation meeting online with Industry, laboratories, Industry organization and other stakeholders on 7th Sep pertaining to proposed list of telecom products for Phase V under MTCTE. C-PRAV also actively participated. Highlighting the main points discussed at this meeting.
i) Following are the proposed products for Phase V: Base stations of cellular network, 5G core products, Hypervisor and C-MASAAE (Converged Multi Service Application Access Equipment). The Essential Requirements (ERs) of mentioned products are under development.

ii) There was a call for various mechanisms to increase the number of test labs to cater for testing these products.

iii) There was also support sought to use the existing 5G test beds currently located at IIT universities in various cities.

iv) TEC is considering introducing SDoC scheme under MTCTE to simplify and speed the certification process. If this is introduced, they mentioned that the surveillance program will be significantly elevated

v) TEC clarified that the acceptance of ILAC test reports will only be temporary, and they envisage to build sufficient test infrastructure within the country.

vi) Test Lab designation process under the Conformity Assessment Body program is revised to expedite. It was mentioned that the designation process will be completed within 2 weeks to help manufacturers test their products with short lead-times.

vii) Industry raised many issues, the major one was lack of testing infrastructure. To this, TEC’s response was that there will be sufficient CABs available and if for any parameters there are no CABs, TEC will provide a Provisional certificate.

viii) As Phase III & IV implementation date is set to 1st July 2023, TEC requested Industry’s input to set the date for Phase V.
It was decided to set up a committee of experts and officials to further deliberate on these points and only then the product list and date of implementation will be announced for Phase V.
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